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Mom & Dad's Club

In order to provide the school with the support and resources sufficient to help maintain the best learning environment possible for all children, the Moms and Dads Club was formed over twenty years ago, by parents who greatly appreciated the learning experience their children were experiencing, and is still in operation. Their mission is to be supportive in the success of all children at Taylor-Tot Playhouse through the commitment of their time, resources and dedication. Their function is to come together as parents to enhance the educational program that Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Andrews, (Mrs. Taylor’s daughter, director of the school) and the staff have lovingly and tirelessly created.

Over the years, the Moms and Dads Club has coordinated various school activities and fundraisers. Some of the school activities have included Parent/Teacher Mixers, Teacher Appreciation Luncheons and School Picnics. Fundraising activities throughout the year have included the Annual Pancake Breakfast, Spring Carnival, Pizza Nights, Coin Drives and Raffles, among others.

All fundraising proceeds pay for various activities, materials and supplies for the children and staff. In the past the Moms and Dads Club has been able to provide the school with new carpet, chalkboards, playground equipment, televisions, an audio system and has had the entire school painted on the inside. None of this would have been possible without the support of the parents.

The Moms and Dads Club needs the participation and input of every parent to be

able to continue its support. Parent participation is encouraged, welcomed, appreciated and valued.



Listed here are Taylor Tot's traditional fundraising events that occur throughout the school year.

Annual Pancake Breakfast

The Pancake Breakfast is the school's biggest fundraiser of the year! ,A full breakfast of pancakes, sausages and eggs are cooked by staff and parents. 

The day is filled with food, games and music! 

The event, which is typically held in November, is open to parents, families, and the community. 

Shakey's Pizza

An enjoyable pizza party night to help raise money for our cause. Family and friends are welcome.


While there, Shakey's donates 25% of the menu price of any order to support our group. 

Spring Carnival

A night where Taylor Tot's students, parents and family come together for a social night with pizza and games!

Due to COVID regulations, and for the safety of staff and our students, Parent Club meetings and Fundraising events are on hold until further notice. 

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