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Taylor-Tot Playhouse has been shaping the lives of young children since 1950. We are a community driven school and we pride ourselves on creating a family environment among our students, parents, staff, and the surrounding community. Taylor-Tot provides a solid foundation for children by giving them the tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

We focus on what your child needs and we make sure that they are growing in all aspects of development: academically, emotionally, and physically.

Our Story

Taylor Tot's is not only well established within the Mid-City community, it has been for many years. Read about how Taylor Tot's started.

Our Mission

Our approach is simple. Children need structure and a foundation so we focus on the fundamentals of education: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

Safety Updates

The safety and health of our students is extremely important;  Taylor Tot's will be following the CDC guidelines throughout the school year.

Contact us
1364 South Cochran Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90019
(323) 936- 3543
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